1XBET Facing Issue For Campaign with Pirate Movies

Recently we can see 1Xbet name in every cam-rip movies, and this thing is now becoming a huge controversy. Italian football league Serie A has launched a brand new campaign with its CEO claiming that cinema, TV and football will be “destroyed” by piracy. Directly underneath, however, Serie A is carrying adverts for 1XBET, the Russia-based gambling outfit that has its branding plastered over dozens of cam-recorded pirated movies. 1XBET is an official presenting partner of Serie A.

Italy Football Leauge Launched an Anti-Piracy Campaign

With the new season about to start this month, Italy’s top-tier football league Serie A has launched an anti-piracy campaign of its own, declaring that “Piracy Kills Football” alongside the hashtag #STOPIRACY which it hopes fans will spread across social media.

Readers may recall our recent article which detailed the activities of Russia-based gambling company, 1XBET. In a nutshell, the majority of CAM-copies of movies (those filmed in cinemas and released online during their theatrical release), currently contain lots of advertising and promo codes for 1XBET.



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