Google Chrome is testing a bottom toolbar that shows your tabs

There are lots of internet browsers on the internet but the majority of peoples are using Google Chrome for safe internet browsing, because of the security of the google chrome browser. It has is very handy feature for browsing and make your internet journey smoother but it happens if you only use the mid-size smartphone. Google Chrome has some issue for large size mobile users the whole actions of google chrome is in the above portion of the google chrome app. For that reason, you cannot use chrome in one hand. To solve this problem the tech giant Google has decided to change the interface of google chrome app but this development is in the under action and this feature is available for the beta browser application.

Google encourages users to try out new features by making them easily accessible in the chrome://flags page. However, not every new feature is available as a flag. For instance,







image source – XDADevelopers

we spotted a redesign of the bottom toolbar that shows your tabs at the bottom for easily switching between them. If you tap the ^ icon, it brings up a mini tab switcher using the new grid layout. You can also tap the + icon to quickly add a new tab.

Folks over at XDADevelopers recently spotted a redesigned bottom toolbar that shows open tabs, and add new tab shortcut at the bottom. This should enable users to easily switch between tabs.

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