Motorola’s foldable Razr secondary screen might offer limited functionality

Motorola is coming up with a foldable smartphone which might be called the Motorola Razr. And the latest leak from XDA Developers confirms some software details of the device.

As per XDA Developers, the secondary display of Motorola’s foldable phone will not have access to the entire Android experience when the device is folded. The report claims that Motorola has restricted the number of apps that can be accessed over the flipped display. The apps having access to the closed Motorola screen are pre-installed system applications like Moto Display, Moto Actions, and the Moto Camera app for selfies.

The report further reveals the working of secondary display of the Motorola’s upcoming foldable device like the ‘closed display’ can act as a trackpad for scrolling, it can display up to six Quick Settings tiles and trigger Google Assistant while the phone is flip closed. Motorola is also testing the Moto Display app that can show a clock, pulsing notifications and controlling media via the secondary display.

A while ago, The Verge spotted a patent filing by Motorola with World Intellectual Property Organisation (WPTO) that reveals a smartphone with a full-length folding screen and the clamshell form factor. Although there’s no mention of the Razr logo anywhere on the device, the clamshell form factor suggests that this could be the 2019 Moto Razr.