A Massive Security Breach From Quora? Cr. Users Data Affected

Most popular question hub is now compromising with massive security breach. over 100+ millions users data breaches due to third-party app access. Quora‘s chief  Adam D’Angelo told on a blog post these data is breaches such as-

  • Account information users name, email address with encrypted hashed password even import data from Facebook, Twitter when authorized by users.
  • Even public question answers behavior, among the comments, votes(known as upvotes)
  • Users messages also are affected.

Now Quora said is that all passwords are stored and saved in salted hashed method to prevent from cracking.

We suggested that just go to your Quora account and reset your password and try to use these thing in your password to secure more

Example password: Abc123@#$

at least use one capital letter and special character also with numbers

Last Updated on December 5, 2018 by Admin

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