Google Camera 7.4 For Realme X50 Pro Download

Right now a working Google Camera 7.4 apk available for Realme X50 Pro. We know that Google camera is known as Gcam, So you can download right gcam mod apk for Realme devices. So you can download Google Camera 7.4 for Realme X50 Pro.

So in this phone, it has 64MP main sensor with 12MP telephoto lens with 2x zoom and 8MP ultrawide sensor and last 2MP black and white depth sensor for better low light image produce. for selfie it has 32MP along with 8MP ultrawide sensor.

Google Camera 7.4 For Realme X50 Pro Download

Right now latest version 7.3 google camera modded apk available, sometimes it will crash due to beta stage of development. If you wnat to download older version google camera apk 7.2 or Google camera 6.2 apk download link provided below.

google camera for realme x50 pro

Note: Google Camera 7.2 and 7.3 both supported Astrophotography

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Google Camera 7.4 Features

In this Google Camera 7.4 apk from Pixel 4 and Google Camera 6.1 series from Pixel 3 supports on Realme X50 Pro. Now you can take impressive images as like GCam Astrophotography mode and Night Sight, Slo-mo, Portrait, Beauty Mode, Motion Images,  HDR Enhanced, Lens Blur, PhotoSphere, Playground (AR Stickers), RAW support, Google Lens, and more. And here’s the step by step guide to download & install Google Camera 7.4 for Oppo Reno 3 Pro.

Google Camera is known as GCAM apk, and it is officially worked on Google Pixels devices. google camera mod version apk available for almost every android devices, so right now a new version arrived of Google Camera 7.4. So lets see Google Camera 7.4 mod features.
Google Camera 7.4 Features, there are several features has in this google camera 7.4 apk.

Night Sight: in night sight mode you can modify and you can capture stars which is known Astrophotography, to enable astrophotography you have to use a tripod or stable place, in-hand it does not work.

Video: you can now capture video at 24fps and 4k video at 60fps in specific devices.

Portraits: In portraits mode there are several improvement you can see edge detection more improved, even if you’re using old version android and using custom rom based on Android 10 then now you can use Google camera 7.3 apk. selfie portraits works fine.

Motion Image: Motion image is great concept in this mode it capture sound and image at a time.

Google Camera 7.4 Recommended Settings

In here you can set up Google Camera 7.2 setting for better image quality

For MGC_6.1.021_Arnova_xcam_op8_v8.apk

  • Go to Camera app Settings > HDR+ parameters > set it to 12 or according to your need.
  • Change the Back Camera resolution to 16-megapixel.
  • Go to Camera app Settings > Advanced > set base config
    • Front Camera – Pixel 3 XL
    • Back Camera – Pixel 3 XL
  • Again open GCam Settings > Advanced > set Libs to Xlib V2.1s
  • You can set the saturation values according to your needs.

For MGC_7.3.018_RPII.MiVIII_V0b.apk

There’ is no need to change any setting Latest Google Camera 7.3.

How To Install Google Camera 7.4 APK

  • At first download the latest Google Camera APK 7.4 on your smartphone by using Google Chrome.
  • Maybe your phone asks User permission to allow to install.
  • Then just allow it.

  • When it’s done just open it and allow all the permission the Google Camera APK wants from you.
  • That’s It.




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